23rd October 2015



I first became interested in photography after buying a Fuji S7000 Bridge camera whilst on a family trip to London in 2006. I was impressed by the quality of the images compared to our previous point and click style cameras.

I quickly moved on to my first DSLR, a Nikon D70, and joined a local Photographic Society (Wigan PS) in an attempt to become more proficient with the equipment.

Joining Wigan PS drew me into the concept of competition photography, and after twelve months perfecting the craft, started to have some minor successes at Club Level. This quickly led onto national competitions, and I entered my first national competition, Southport Open Exhibition in 2008. I also joined Chorley Photographic Society in 2012 and subsequently left Wigan to pursue my ambitions in club competitions helping Chorley PS to come 2nd in the FIAP World cup in 2014 and reaching the finals of both the PAGB inter-club championships in recent years.

I have also obtained various distinctions including the Royal Photographic Societies ‘ARPS’ , the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain’s MPAGB, and the Federation of International Art Photographies EFIAP.

Some of my other major achievements include, winning a FIAP Blue Badge as the best photographer in the Finland Circuit in 2010, and also aother Blue Badges as the Best Photographer at the Northern Counties International in 2011 and 2012, and Welsh International in 2013 and 2014. I have also won a selection of medals in the BPE circuits and PSA Exhibitions.

I also achieved my FBPE in 2014 which equates to 500 accepted in British Exhibitions with over 50 awards.

My style of photography is still developing in strange directions, with many of my most successful images being composites, with some of the elements being hand drawn.

Not everybody’s cup of tea, but I love creating stories using photographs, to satisfy my own needs and imagination.